228 Orchard

ON LOTS 984, 986 & 988 TS 27

orchard 228

  1. The property is on freehold land.
  2. The building was built on part of original land lots 64-12, 64-14 and 64-16.
  3. In 1991, 80 sq m being the back part of the original land lots was vested to the State for road reserve.
  4. A new Certificate of Title (Vol 374 Folio 126) for the land which the building occupies was issued and new lot numbers 984, 986 and 988 were given.
  5. Land Area is approximately 824 sq m made up of 259, 294 and 271 sq m or thereabouts respectively for Lots 984, 986 and 988.
  6. Gross Floor Area of the building is about 4,117 sq m (44,315 sq ft) as determined under the URA’s Written Permission Decision No. 913845 dated 30 July 1991 Ref: DC450/71 Pt 4(91/CR624).
  7. Net Floor Area will be subject to site survey as the building has always been occupied by a single tenant.
  8. NFA computed by IRAS is 2,903.2 sq m (31,250 sq ft)
  9. The building comprises 6 storeys and was last refurbished in 1992.
  10. The official name of the building is Orchard OG as approved by the IRAS Street & Building Names Board.
  11. A canopy over the external mall space was constructed in 2007.
  12. Underground link to Somerset MRT possible via knockout panel at the basement of 313 Orchard, (subject to planning permission).

orchard 228_map

Target price is S$400 million with tenancy.

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